About Me

David CC Yang. MD

I am a cardiovascular surgeon with 15 years of clinical experience. I have received full cardiac surgery training in the General Veteran Hospital in Taiwan, and advanced training at an internationally renowned heart center. 

I specialize in adult heart surgery (cardiovascular bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, As well as the treatment of aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm), so far, there are more than 500 cases of heart surgery and aortic surgery experience. 

In addition, I started a cardiac surgery team in a local hospital in Miaoli, DaChen Hospital , in 2020 and successfully performed the first aortic dissection operation in Miaoli County and the first open heart surgery in that hospital, and established the only cardiac surgery team currently capable of "ECMO" in Miaoli.

In addition to open heart surgery, I also specialize in "endovascular treatment", including "varicose vein treatment", "vascular intervention/balloon angioplasty", "Dialysis access treatment", etc., totaling more than 3000 cases experience.

Among the cardiac surgeons, I am one of the few physicians who have the successful practice experience of "medical centers, regional hospitals, and local hospitals", and have successfully performed heart operations in three different levels of hospitals. 

I am good at using the least resources to make the best medical results, so that local people can enjoy the convenience of medical treatment while being able to receive treatment comparable to the medical center.


Adult caridiac surgery
  • CABG ( Beating heart CABG/ total arterialized revascularization )
  • Mital valve repair 
  • Valve replacement 
  • MICS (minimal invasive cardiac surgery)

Vascular surgery
  • Aortic dissection
  • Complexed aortic aneurysm repair 
  • Endovascular intervention
  • PAOD intervention & surgical bypass
  • Venous disease intervention
  • Dialysis access specialist
  • Venous disease ( Deep vein thrombosis/ varicose vein)

Professional Qualifications/ Certification

  • Specialist of surgery (Taiwan society for surgery)
  • Specialist of cardiovascular surgery (Taiwan association of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery)
  • Specialist of vascular surgery (Taiwan society for vascular surgery)
  • Aortic stent operation Licensed physician of the Republic of China
  • Member of the Association of Critical Care Medicine of the Republic of China
  • Specialist of the Heart Association of the Republic of China


Taiwan National Yang-Ming University, MD. (Graduated in 2009)


  • Chief director, DA CHIEN Health Medical System, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (2020.3 -)
  • Attending Medical Doctor, Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital - China Medical University, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (2016.2 -2019.12)
  • Attending Medical Doctor, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chia-Yi brach, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (2014.1-2016.1)
  • Residency, cardiovascular surgery, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (2010.5-2013.1)
  • Residency, cardiovascular surgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (2009.5-2010.5)


  • 2015 TSVS President's Award - Young Surgeon Speech contest - First Degree
  • 2016 APA Young progessional's speech contest - Best speaker Award
  • 2016 Annual Valuable Case competetion of ENDOVASCOLOGY - Annual Most Valuable Case Award (China Medical Doctor Association)


Hybrid Repair of Ruptured Arch Aneurysm Without Sternotomy Through an Unusual Extraanatomic Bypass. Tsai CL, Yang CC, Fujikawa T, Hsieh SR. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017 Feb;103(2):e209-e211.

Excellent mid-term durability of the On-X mechanical aortic valve in the pulmonary position with a low international normalized ratio. Yang CC, Wei HJ, Hsieh SR, Wang CC, Yu CL, Lin YK, Tsai CL, Chang Y. J Heart Valve Dis. 2014 May;23(3):333-7.

Mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma invading the left atrium mimicking coronary artery disease with a mural thrombus. Yang CC, Tsai HW, Lai ST, Wu HC, Lo CY, Chang Y. J Chin Med Assoc. 2012 Nov;75(11):606-9.

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